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Our Wellness Health Chat

Our Wellness Health Chat is an entry level wellness conversation about You. It is an opportunity to reflect upon your life so far and begin to plan for your future health and wellbeing. Many people take time these days to plan their financial future with the help of an experienced financial professional. Similarly, Health Chat is an opportunity to spend time with an experienced health and wellbeing professional to begin to plan for your future health and wellbeing.

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What to expect!

During a Wellness Health Chat we explore three key elements to maintain focus on what is important for you.

  1. Your priorities: What are you here for? What is your priority? What needs to change now? What are you hoping for?
  2. Your Health Goals: We like to ask questions based on your written entries to gather a clearer picture.
  3. Your Next Steps: we discuss how things tie in together and what treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices could help you move towards your health goals.

We begin measuring your hydration level. Dehydration of tissues can be linked to many issues including chronic pain, excessive fatigue and lifestyle diseases. It is an easy thing to measure and contributes to the picture of what may be influencing your pursuit of good health. We also consider simple strategies you can implement to reach your health priority, ultimately choosing two to begin with.

As with financial planning, taking responsibility for the choices you make and following through with your chosen action is your responsibility. If you don’t do it, nobody else is going to do it for you. Health Chat can also be the first step to a more supported wellbeing future.


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*Remember, Health Chat is a brief introduction into your health and wellness supportive care options. This means we will support your choices and help you to focus on your priority with strategies that relate best to your needs. However, a Health Chat does not replace consultation with a qualified medical practitioner or prescribed medicines/medical care plan. Rather it contributes to the effectiveness of medicines and medical care plans by supporting your body to work better and use medications more effectively.