Are you charged up?

We hope you can join us at the world of Wellbeing on Wednesday the 3rd February at 6.15p.m. where we would like to share our passion for the wellness programs that we run.
These programs are scientifically based with the goal in each case of helping to support the body’s amazing ability to maintain and repair itself.
The pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) therapy charges all the cell membranes of the body whilst also promoting blood flow so that wound repair and recovery from intensive exercise is enhanced. An intensely researched area of PEMF is its ability to promote fracture repair.
Intermittent hypoxic therapy is a form of training that improves stamina but also helps improve mood and mental focus.
Most people probably feel they know what saunas can do. However, apart from the detox and weight loss aspects of far infra-red saunas (FIRS)which many people already understand, research has shown that regular use of saunas can reduce the risk of dementia by 60%! FIRS has been to lower inflammatory processes and reduce the risk of fatal coronary artery disease.
Low level laser therapy is able to reduce pain by changing the way pain is modulated or modified as signals arrive at the dorsal root ganglion – a junction box just at the inter-vertebral foramen, the opening or channel for structures coming to and leaving the spinal canal.