Practitioner of the month – Gabi Monus
Posted 16 July 2020

We are pleased to announce our practitioner of the month, Gabi Monus

A little about Gabi in his own words:

I was born in Hungary the birthplace of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). During my early childhood years I suffered ongoing respiratory conditions and received years of LLLT treatment at my local GP. By the time I was 7, I began to get healthier and stronger.

I’m extremely passionate about a natural way of living like eating a clean diet and having an active life. I studied a holistic rehabilitation method, Conductive Education, that is a worldwide holistic therapy system for children and adults with disabilities and brain injuries. I worked in Australia for 30 years and represented and advocated the principle of brain plasticity. My signature work with children with disabilities is achieving the highest potential. I strongly believe with the right support and positive attitude, families can achieve great success and children with disabilities can have a fulfilling life. 

My other passion and strong belief is the holistic approach. Body-mind-soul connection and harmony is essential to wellbeing and to achieve and sustain wellness. In 2012 I attended a seminar by Norman Doidge. He dedicated a significant amount of time to LLLT which reminded me of my childhood experience. Because of this, I made a significant effort to learn and implement LLLT into my practice. 

As I was looking into LLLT I was truly amazed by the enormous benefits of the light of all colours. I was truly intrigued by the possibilities and the healing effect. I also feel extremely privileged to have met some incredible friends and mentors because of laser therapy! The benefits of LLLT will truly revolutionise health and medical approaches as we know it. I see miracles every day, especially people who are in pain start to have a fantastic response. LLLT also has a positive effect on the emotional body. It is truly a holistic approach to wellness with no side effects.

I have now been working at World of Wellbeing for three years. I love working here as this clinic represents my holistic approach and belief in wellbeing. I feel very lucky and fortunate to be working with other amazing practitioners.