Annabel Yagos

Annabel Yagos is an early childhood intervention specialist and NDIS key worker. She has many years of knowledge and lived experience working and studying in fields like education, early childhood development, neuroscience and psychology. The areas she can assist with are early intervention speech therapy and communication, behaviour, social skills, learning memory and cognition, emotional regulation, motor skill development, anxiety, sensory processing, and school readiness.

Annabel takes a holistic approach to her work — combining teaching strategies with health rehabilitation and support systems to ensure every child she works with maximises their potential to achieve well academically and socially. 

How can Annabel help you?

Early intervention is critical for optimising positive outcomes and yet many parents struggle to find a single place, or teacher, that can include all the necessary learning strategies for their child. As a dedicated NDIS key worker, Annabel and her passionate team meets kids at their level and uses her first-hand experiences combined with academic studies to create a new, comprehensive and meaningful way to support children in their development. They also frequently consult with other health professionals to ensure your child receives the best treatment possible. The Leading Lights team is growing rapidly!

With an understanding that the needs of each and every child is different, Annabel uses a combination of therapies and holistic health practices ensuring the therapy your family receives is appropriate and personalised. Annabel also always strives to provide a safe and fun environment for kids who visit the World of Wellbeing Centre. A session with Annabel includes speech counselling and music therapy and can involve play, crafts and much more! 

Understanding too that the child’s outcome benefits from a strong and reliable support system at home, Annabel offers families and carers upskilling strategies to create the best possible outcomes for children.

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