Arvinder Kaur

“My name is Arvinder Kaur and I work as a Naturopath and feel privileged to be part of “World of Wellbeing”.

My experience covers a wide area. I started my career in health as  a Medical officer in Gynaecology and obstetrics ( Maternity) clinic for few years  after completing my Bachelor’s  in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery ( Indian Traditional medicine). Now I work as a Naturopath, working with various conditions such as gut  and immune issues by integrating modern and traditional approaches.

Female health  and reproduction is one of my areas of interest as it transitions various stages in life- menstruation, premenstrual phase, pre-conception, pregnancy, post pregnancy, premenopausal and menopause.

After taking a thorough history of past health issues and ongoing concerns, I develop a plan of treatment with the client. Depending upon the chronicity of the issue(s), sometimes a simple gentle and well guided short term detox does wonders. Detox programs boost function by getting rid of build-up of toxins in the liver and gut by enhancing elimination pathways.

I look forward to assist you or anyone that you know who may have been dealing with reproductive, gut and immune issues to achieve optimum health. I am committed and passionate to make a difference in overall wellbeing.