Margaret Chua

Are situations in your life overwhelming you, and making you anxious, angry or sick? Are you feeling hurt and let down? Do you feel your personal or work relationships are toxic? Do you feel you are not being heard despite well-intentioned advice from friends and family?

If you are reading this, it means you hope that changes are possible. As a psychotherapist, my job is to not only listen deeply in order to understand your pain and your dilemmas, but also to offer strategies to help you take charge of your circumstances.

With 30+ years experience counselling clients, I fully understand how challenges such as illness, grief, infidelity, workplace bullying, childhood trauma, addiction and loneliness can negatively affect our wellbeing. Many other stressors in modern life and parenting responsibilities may also cause anxiety. I will assist you in dealing with these many varied issues that may lead to stress and sleepless nights. I also have a special interest in cross-cultural work and can skillfully assist clients to navigate new environments, inter-cultural relationships, and indeed any situation which may involve conflict on any level.

Whether you seek assistance in dealing with a crisis, in making important decisions, or in choosing a new direction in your life, our sessions aim to equip you to be at ease and cultivate the clear mind that is necessary for making wise decisions and choices.

Clarity is a guiding principle underlying my professional practice. When our mind and bodies are tense and our breathing fast and shallow, we lose our ability to think clearly. We all know it is difficult to find solutions and to identify the true underlying causes of our problems when our minds are racing and overwrought with thoughts and anxieties. Learning the practices which result in calming of the mind and body is an integral component of our interpersonal therapeutic sessions.

Conversations with my clients are guided by compassion and respect, free of blame and jargon. The purpose will also be to help clients gain insights as to why they have become stuck and to learn how to free themselves. It is my belief that therapy can be successful when there is both a willingness to accept changes in one’s life and a therapist to lead and guide this change process.

At World of Wellbeing, you will find a safe and supportive counselling space to discuss your problems in confidence with a caring and very experienced psychologist whose practice and techniques are formulated and guided by long studies of the human experience. I acknowledge that it takes courage to tell someone your fears, worries and desires. Thank you for considering me.

A little bit more about my qualifications – I am a graduate from the Australian National University, where I studied anthropology and psychology. I also studied psychology at Flinders University before I began my long-standing career as a psychologist in tertiary education institutions and a medical centre. In more recent years, I obtained my Masters in Buddhist Studies from Nantien Institute, Wollongong, followed by the completion of 2 years of training in Buddhist psychotherapy with the Australian Association of Buddhist Counsellors and Psychotherapists. I am an AHPRA recognised psychologist.

Fees and Rebates

$230 per 50-60 mins session.
No referral needed.
Registered Medicare Provider. Medicare rebates apply with a mental health care plan that is provided by your GP or psychiatrist.
HICAPS is available. Private health funds rebates may apply.