Hi! I’m Ruth, and I work at the front desk of World of Wellbeing. Like many Canberrans, I have spent many years in the Public Service, as well as working in the non-profit sector and in retail.  My favourite parts of work have always been meeting and getting to know people, and helping them find what they are looking for, even if they didn’t know what yet.

Shared stories are important, and open our eyes to other perspectives and ways of approaching the world. It has been wonderful getting to know the amazing practitioners and clients at World of Wellbeing as well as about the different treatments and ways they use to help people.  Working with people who support others in their quest to live their best lives gives me a lot of joy.

Finally, I’m a bit of a nerd! I love role-playing and computer games, books and board games and I’m always happy to chat.  I’m looking forward to getting to know you as you start your journey at World of Wellbeing.