Sandra Levitski

Do you feel ungrounded, time poor and challenged by everyday life? Do you feel held back by a lack of confidence, are you an overthinker who finds it hard to switch off or do you suffer from physical or emotional pain or a lack of sleep? These are all problems that can be assisted by Kinesiology.

My name is Sandra Levitski and I am a Kinesiologist; I use muscle testing to assess areas of stress within the body. This includes the organs, meridians, chakras and energy flow throughout the body, which is referred to as Qi in Traditional Chinese medicine.

During a session, I use counselling and acupressure points to provide clarity around your area of challenge and to assist with energy realignment within the body. Some sessions involve structural realignment to improve posture and release muscle tension. Other tools used in a Kinesiology session include elfin harmonics and Tibetan bowls, color therapy, crystals, and nutrient and hormone testing vials.

Each Kinesiology session you experience will be different; muscle testing is a unique guide into the wisdom of the body. It is used to identify specific food intolerances, the root cause of emotional stress and energetic blocks.

Throughout my own journey of self-discovery, I have been fortunate to accumulate some very useful tools which have aided my own insight into myself. I would now like to share these tools with my clients to help enable their journeys of self-discovery to become the best version of themselves. I look forward to empowering you to face your challenges, overcome your fears and reach your highest potential in life.

Benefits of Kinesiology include:

• pain relief
• releasing limiting beliefs
• energetic realignment of the organs, chakras and aura
• reducing anxiety and depression
• increased confidence, emotional expression and calmness
• improved connection to yourself and others
• better sleep
• improved flexibility
• deeper insight into personality and motivation

I offer 1.5-hour Kinesiology balances for adults
45-minute sessions for children
30 minute sound healing sessions for children and adults

I look forward to seeing you soon.