Tegan Hayes

Tegan Hayes is a talented massage therapist in therapeutic, Swedish and pregnancy massages. Beginning her journey 2017, Tegan has since helped countless people relax, feel renewed and access the many benefits that therapeutic massages can provide.

Here at World of Wellbeing, Tegan utilises Swedish massage techniques to help relieve clients from the day-to-day stresses of life. Having trained in pregnancy massages, she alleviates back and leg pains as well as reduces anxiety and stress, which can be common in expectant mothers.

How can Tegan help you?

A trained massage therapist like Tegan will help facilitate a calming and soothing environment in order for you to let go of the past and present and bring you back to the here and now. Her holistic and unique approach to massage therapy blends therapeutic and Swedish techniques to engage the natural healing power of the human body.

Many iterations of massage are found all across the world and now, science has validated what many cultures have known for a long time.

A massage benefits your physical and mental well-being on many fronts. On the physical side of health, massages can reduce muscular inflammation and improve blood circulation. Studies also show that it can lower blood pressure and can even lead to quicker recovery from soft tissue injuries.

On the mental health side, massages can reduce anxiety and stress levels, making them ideal for people leading fast-paced lifestyles. It has also been shown to improve moods and lead to better quality sleep.

If you’re pregnant, massages can ease joint and muscle pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and even help you deal with insomnia. Tegan’s style of massage is a high energy, stress lowering, light lifting massage that connects mind, body and soul through the power of touch.

Other benefits of massage include improved:

  • immune function
  • energy
  • alertness
  • skin tone
  • flexibility & mobility of the joints 
  • lymphatic system 

Whether it be tension from a workout or years of built-up muscle memory and subconscious programming, Tegan loves bringing relaxation to all kinds of people. Those who visit her at our health and wellness centre have nothing but positive comments.

Book an appointment with Tegan at World of Wellbeing

If you’re looking online for a “massage therapist near me”, book an appointment with Tegan Hayes, our therapeutic, Swedish and pregnancy massage therapist. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll reserve a spot for you at the earliest possible opening.