Art Therapy

So what is it Art Therapy? 

In a nutshell… Transpersonal Art Therapy brings together the power and insight of creative expression and the benefits of holistic therapeutic counselling practice to provide an effective remedial option for people looking to make positive changes in their lives.

Find out if this is right for you

Art Therapy utilises the cathartic and healing nature of creative practice so clients can face, explore and resolve challenges, issues, illnesses, questions and beliefs in a way that is supportive, nurturing and empowering.  It provides a safe, judgement-free space where they are able to explore their internal landscape, connect with personal wisdom and find their unique path to health and wellbeing.

Who can Art Therapy help? 

Art Therapy is incredibly versatile and can be an effective therapy option for a wide range of people with a diverse spectrum of issues.

Art Therapy can provide a valuable way to confront issues that are not easily articulated.  It can provide an important communication, exploration and recovery tool for individuals with a gamut of concerns such as:

  • Mental Health issues particularly depression, anxiety and schizophrenia
  • Family problems
  • Poor body image and self-esteem
  • Issues around trauma, abuse and grief
  • Rights of passage, coming-of-age and fears concerning ageing and death

Art Therapy also provides an excellent tool for those who are simply looking to make positive changes in their lives.