Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition takes a holistic approach to how you fuel your body, taking into consideration lifestyle factors that impact your health and wellbeing including sleep, movement, hydration, social connection, and stress.

Food has the power to heal or harm, it can be anti-inflammatory or inflammatory, helpful or hurtful for your body. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach – and it very confusing with conflicting information on which diet is best. Foods that heal your body might harm mine. That’s why Functional Nutrition has a central focus on your bio-individuality.

Functional Nutrition mirrors the functional medicine approach where “food is medicine”. While standard nutrition focuses on the nutritional facts, functional nutrition does this too, but in the context of your individual physiological makeup and how you live. To learn more, click here to watch “The Role of Nutrition in the Treatment of Your Inflammation”.

Vanessa Vanderhoek (also known as The Healthy Gut Nutritionist) is the Functional Nutritionist at the World of Wellbeing. Here’s what a recent client has shared about working with her.

“9 months ago I reached out to Vanessa for advice because I needed more energy to be the person I wanted to be – a great mum while juggling a full time successful career that’s stressful and often long hours. Vanessa introduced me to a wholefoods breakfast shake that I love and look forward to having every morning.

3 months in and I noticed that my hair was better than ever – shiny and strong. 5 months in I didn’t need fake nails anymore, my nails are now strong! 6 months in and the dark circles and rings under my eyes are GONE!!! My energy is fabulous. My mental health is great. I feel fantastic. I have stopped taking vitamins as I no longer need them.

​I’ve always been very healthy and fit, but have never noticed such obvious improvements like this before – and I’ve tried a lot! This is SOOO easy – thank you very much Vanessa!!!”

– Megan Kelly



Initial Consultation: 60 mins $175

Follow up Consultation: 30 mins $95 or 15 minutes $50

To make a booking call the clinic on 02 6260 4774.


21 Day Energy Reboot Program: $247 – On regular basis Vanessa runs a seasonal wholefood gentle detox program. You will receive recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, 4x 1 hour group coaching calls (via Zoom) and a individual 60 minute consultation. Click here to learn more and register today.