Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

What is Pulsed Electromagnetic field (PEMF) Therapy?

PEMF is a very gentle and safe therapy to support the overall functioning of the body. Clients use a combination of mat, pillow and probe to address their individual treatment needs under the guidance of trained staff members. Our equipment delivers a prescribed cell-specific range of PEMF intensities best able to support the cells of the body to enjoy an enhanced flow of nutrients in and waste out, thus improving their ability to function efficiently, leading to a reduction of signs and symptoms.

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We need PEMF for two reasons:

  • Lower levels of naturally occurring PEMF known as the Schuman resonance: Over the past 300 years, the earth’s magnetic field has declined 50%. The average person stays inside 90% of the day, living and working in concrete structures, driving in metal cars, and wear rubber-soled shoes shielding us from traditional regulation by naturally occurring beneficial PEMF. This causes a loss of cell membrane integrity leading to compromised immunity, susceptibility to illness and depression
  • We are exposed to high level EMF’s through power lines, computers, cell phones, digital clocks, microwaves, T.V.’s, and hair dryers. High level EMF cause a “sub-molecular electronic disturbance” requiring lower level beneficial PEMF to repair damage to cell membrane ionisation and integrity.


What are its origins?

There is documented historical evidence of the therapeutic use of magnetic fields by Greek and Chinese over 2000 years ago. Einstein showed that electricity and magnetism were part of the same phenomena. Early 1970’s research showed the effectiveness of electromagnetic fields for healing non-union fractures, having a positive effect on soft tissue swelling and pain, and increasing stamina and endurance in racehorses. Today specific frequencies of PEMF are accepted as capable of initiating various beneficial biological processes.


How does it work?

The goal of PEMF is to enhance natural cellular communication processes and to improve the energy production capability of the cells creating internal cell stability and enhancing cellular repair (Dr Pawluk- https://www.drpawluk.com/education/).

Lower cell membrane ionisation results in impaired energy production by the cell as a result of reduced oxygenation and nutrient absorption. Lower cell membrane ionisation also impairs waste removal from cells, reducing cell defence and repair mechanisms, allowing inaccurate cell reproduction and suboptimal cell function over time.

Cell specific PEMF builds cell energy through improved oxygenation and optimal alkalinisation of cells, leading to enhanced cell health and function. The optimised cellular functioning result in positive whole body outcomes including; improved circulation, improved heart rhythm regulation, optimal respiratory pathways, enhanced immune and healing cell responses, normalisation of the flow of blood and balanced blood viscosity.

What conditions can it be used to treat?

Cells are the building blocks of life and their optimal functioning positively influences the levels of health in our bodies. The improvement of cellular metabolism and waste removal dramatically enhances whole body functioning thus reducing the effect of many ailments. PEMF is also a unique complementary therapy because it enhances the ability of the body to receive and use many other physical and pharmaceutical/nutritional therapies. Conditions that show improvement include:

  • Non-union fractures
  • Pain- acute, chronic and neuropathic
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Exhaustion
  • Hypertension
  • Ligament injuries
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Wound healing
  • Stress
  • Immune support


Testimonial from Nick Bennett:



In the research and clinical trials, more than 10,000 patients were treated with PEMF and the absence of side effects was proven.

PEMF is an ideal therapy to be applied as an adjunctive therapy. Examples include supplements, chemotherapy, drugs, acupuncture, massage, etc. The absence of side effects ensures that there is no conflict between therapies.

Over a period of months PEMF normalizes the Ph and viscosity of the blood and therefore improves blood circulation. This influence of the blood pressure takes place during the first two minutes of each PEMF session. During the last six minutes, nothing much happens in regards to blood pressure.

With the help of dark field microscopy, it is possible to demonstrate that the viscosity of blood is decreased using PEMF making it less likely for clots to develop. Clots that were present before therapy may also dissolve very slowly. This reduces the risk of stroke.

The application of PEMF’s saw tooth wave signal assists ion transfer from the capillary bed into cells. This is the known method of achieving ion transport. PEMF also enhances the ability to separate ions and in particular to stream the hydrogen ions. The hydrogen ions stream through the electrolytic fluids (blood and extra-cellular fluids) and arrive at the cell membrane. Calcium is bound to negative charges in the protein layer of the membrane. The positively charged hydrogen ions combine with the negative charges bonding to the calcium and release calcium ions. This causes the calcium cascade. A result of the calcium cascade in the blood is that calcium deposited on the walls of the vessels is set free. This is not an immediate occurrence but one that occurs over a period of six months or more. It means that arteriosclerosis processes (narrowing of the vessels) may be slowly reduced. When the calcium arrives inside a cell a series of positive effects are generated:

  • The macrophages of the cell are activated. This is an important component of the immune system. They dispose of cell refuse and eat pathogens (eg. Bacteria).
  • Enzymes are activated, stimulated and controlled. In short, the metabolism of the cell is regulated.
  • Cell division or differentiation is stimulated. Differentiation means that every cell in the human body performs its own special function.
  • Blood pressure sensors normalize the blood pressure. In the medulla oblongata (brain stem), there are centres for the blood pressure which react positively to the calcium effect of the magnetic field and lower or raise blood pressure.
  • Sensitivity to adrenalin and cortisone decreases.
  • The production of insulin is activated (provided that the cells of the islands of Langerhans which are responsible for the production of insulin are intact)
  • The channels (gates) in the cells’ membranes open which intensifies ion exchange.
  • The sensitivity of the nerve ends increase because the calcium attaches itself to the nerve ends.
  • The fatty acid metabolism is normalized, making it easier to lose weight.

The healing process is accelerated under the influence of the magnetic field. In addition, in the case of non-healing bone fractures, the callus forms and the bones set.

People, especially women, suffer from reducing bone density with increased age. Whilst there is enough calcium in the food taken, the body is unable to take it up. Indeed, there is a drain on calcium resources. PEMF creates a separation of ions and the calcium cascade frees up calcium resources and makes it available to the bone structure. PEMF will increase bone density and remove the pain that is a symptom of the complaint. The time frame for reduction of symptoms will depend on each individual’s metabolism and may take many months. As symptoms decline, the therapy should be supported by well-targeted load bearing exercise.

Magnetic fields occur naturally and living cells depend upon them to assist in the maintenance of membrane potential. The earth and sun create magnetic fields. When a cell is at rest it does not create a magnetic field. Human movement creates a magnetic field that stimulates the cell. Hence the importance of exercise in the maintenance of health. Without the bio-magnetic fields from the earth and sunlight, life would not be possible. But what is most important is that when a human moves it generates a magnetic field that is used for cell regeneration. This maintains the membrane potential at the ideal -70 to -90mV level. It is ideal for a human to optimize the potential of its cell membrane with the bio-magnetic field of the earth, the magnetic field of the sun or with the magnetic fields that are generated by human movement in order to create the optimum cell regeneration environment.

An electromagnetic field always involves currents of energy flows. A pulsing magnetic field is not a constant energy flow. It constantly varies from strong to weak. Pulsing magnetic fields occur naturally in nature. The bio-magnetic field of the earth, the magnetic field of the sun and a human’s own magnetic field are all pulsing magnetic fields.

The body’s cells quickly become used to a magnetic field and a constant field will quickly cease to have any effect on the cell membrane potential. By pulsing the wave it is possible to stop the cell from becoming accustomed to the field such that positive stimulation and energy transfer is achieved. This partly explains the effectiveness of PEMF.

During movement the human body generates a packet of frequencies. This results in improved blood circulation and therefore better oxygen supply, as well as increased food supply and waste removal. PEMF has the same effect as movement on the human body but it is more efficient because it is designed to resonate the body cells’ frequencies.

Blood circulation increases measurably within the first few minutes of application and this extends to the body’s extremities. Using a CMMD diagnostic device applied to the tip of a finger (to measure the capillary vessels), an increased temperature of 2 to3.5oC is normal, thus demonstrating the transfer of blood to the tissues. PEMF is an important aid for people with arteriosclerosis, whose vessels are narrowed.

Research on 5,000 students revealed that they had an average partial oxygen pressure of 70 mm of mercury which is lower than the average for the person of 75 years old thirty years ago. This is thought to be caused by lack of exercise, cultural factors and environmental degradation. This is the cause of the enormous increase of chronic diseases and also for example the occurrence of heart attack at an earlier age in men as well as in women. While in the old days heart attacks mostly occurred in men, physical activity of women has also decreased dramatically.