wellness coaching

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching is a method of facilitating lasting lifestyle and behaviour change that uses aspects of positive psychology and behaviour change strategies in a collaborative approach between client and coach. Wellness coaching is not about telling the client what is wrong or how they can fix it.

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Coaches support their clients to explore, and build awareness about what they want by ensuring the client remains at the centre of the consultations. Furthermore, rather than directing the client, the skill of the coach lies in their ability to ask the question that builds on the client’s awareness and motivations for change. In this way it differs from counselling as the wellness coach empowers the client to recognise what they want and supports them to create action steps that move them in the direction they are seeking.

It is a positive and ultimately uplifting experience that supports change and embeds skills and strategies the client is confident to use for their wellbeing in the future. Wellness coaching is the ultimate integrative health and wellbeing strategy, working with any person, regardless of their starting point with flexibility to suit any situation because it is based on the person not the problem.


Where did it originate?

Wellness Coaching has emerged out of a movement towards a wellness based approach to health started by Dr John Travis in USA in 1970’s. He was inspired to teach people how to be well rather than treat them like patients- keeping them as empowered whole people, developing their self-awareness, and facilitating personal education and growth. Dr Travis went on to develop and use the Wellness Energy System, now known as the wellness inventory- a highly validated, interactive online tool that helps identify areas of potential change and some of the tools to help this happen.


How does it work?

Wellness coaching is a process which begins with the client identifying their desire for change- a step towards self-responsibility that underpins their journey towards wellness. Through investigation and specific identification with the coach, the client decides which aspects of their life they would like to focus on. This process allows for exploration and ultimately goal setting, actively helping clients to close the gap between what they say they want and what they are actually doing- supporting them to achieve long lasting positive lifestyle change. It is important to be aware that long lasting change is a process, requiring a number of sessions. We all have layers of feelings, thoughts, behaviour patterns and priorities that influences the choices we make and the actions we take.


What can it treat?

Wellness coaching is effective for many different situations. People have sought coaching for when they want to make meaning or sense of their lives. In attempting to answer such questions as “why am I here?”, “what’s next?” and “is this all there is?”, wellness coaching helps people to feel empowered about their future and able to take control of their choices. People seek wellness coaching during:

  • Burnout
  • Life changing events (death of a loved one, divorce, unexpected loss, great disappointment etc)
  • Parenting overwhelm
  • Life dissatisfaction
  • Optimising quality of life

At World of Wellbeing our Wellness Consultants embody a wealth of knowledge and experience that they employ for the benefit of their clients. We are passionate about unlocking the potential we all have to live our best life and enjoy high levels wellness.


Treatment Planning

WoW seeks to create a new health experience for our clients based on our scientific approach to wellness. Treatment planning is a consultation designed for people who would like to use an integrative approach with their health care. The wellness consultant uses their experience and knowledge of complementary and wellness therapies to build a plan that will support other mainstream medical treatments already being used by the client. We also encourage the client to employ self-directed lifestyle techniques as part of their plan. In our experience clients combining their health and wellness care in this way can experience high level healing.


Group Wellness Programs

Workplaces, sporting and travel groups are often looking for that edge, to enhance preparation, help combat stress, manage fatigue, improve output and build knowledge for their group members. At World of Wellbeing our wellness consultants are able to develop a program that best suits the needs of your groups and deliver on a budget. Our program elements combine education sessions, group discussions, online wellness programs, in house and remote use of facilities and resources. Talk to one of our consultants today and work with them to develop a program that best suits the needs of your group.

World of Wellbeing are members of Healthier Work Recognition Plus. Through a government initiative we can provide interested workplaces discounts on therapies for their staff to support workplace wellness programs.


Wellness – Scientifically

A scientific alternative approach to wellbeing that makes living life easier. We use combination of evidenced based therapies to help with sleep, concentration, mood, stress management, energy levels, exercise recovery and stamina. Research has shown a reduction in all manner of pain including fibromyalgia, enhanced healing of bones and soft tissues, healthy heart function and reduced blood pressure. Improves intake of sounds and visual stimulus reducing cognitive fatigue, improving communication, modulating mood by managing anxiety and stress.

Intermittent Hypoxic Therapy (IHT), Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) and Integrated Listening System (iLs) have emerged from adaptive medicine philosophies and scientific research in Russia, France and USA. There they are used as effective therapies to support optimal health and body function in cosmonauts, athletes and children with learning difficulties. We would like everyone to have the opportunity to benefit from the changes possible using these therapies. The manner of heir provision at World of Wellbeing is unique within Australia, and perhaps the world.