Harry Armytage

After a career spanning four decades in Economics and consumer research, I experienced a sea change as a result of a life threatening tropical illness. I realised that it was time to apply my analytical skills to the human condition. The transition was easy because my pattern recognition skills well equip me to identify key drivers of under-performance. I could now combine my love of music with a passion to help those with learning difficulties. I discovered that the majority of those with a learning difficulty and those who under-perform acquired their conditions because of sensory issues. My exhilarating journey of professional transformation started in 2003, training as a Listening therapist with psychiatrist Dr Ron Minson in Denver.

Using gentle integrated programs of classical music, movement, balance and vision, I assist clients to dissolve the obstacles undermining their ability to reach their potential. My holistic assessments are designed to reveal the drivers of underperformance and to identify suitable programs to restore performance.

While it is much easier and quicker to facilitate positive change in children from as young as two years, it is never too late to address adult performance issues. My oldest client was in her late eighties. I can design programs in clinic or at home to meet individual needs and to target issues including attention, comprehension, learning, hyperactivity, communication, anxiety and depression.

Areas of special interest include bright, gifted and adopted children with learning issues. These children often have undiagnosed learning difficulties and tend to be significantly under-performing.  I am also interested in assisting self-responsible adults who are seeking positive change.

I feel privileged to work in both World of Wellbeing and the Canberra Osteopathic Centre offering a variety of Wellness services, programs and Listening programs.